When you complete the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course you can proudly call yourself a Beautiful You Life Coach.  If you do not wish to do anything further than that with your life coach training you do not have to.

If you would like to become a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach we have an internal Life Coach Certification pathway that you can undertake with significant personal and business benefits.  If this is something that interests you please read the following information very carefully.  We take our certification pathway very seriously and if there is any part of it that you need further clarification on before doing something that may not meet our requirements, then we welcome you contacting us for further guidance and instructions.  Certification is dependant upon the meeting of all the following criteria to a high standard and a review interview.  We reserve the right not to grant certification to any coach we do not believe is of an appropriate standard and/or cannot meet these requirements as outlined – or for any other reason – especially as our Certified Coaches act as ambassadors of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.  Any decision we make in relation to certification is final.

We encourage you to pay particular attention to those requirements that need to be met while your training is taking place. You will not be able to a) get this time back once the course has finished or b) fulfil requirements such as being live on calls to interact and exhibit a high level of participation throughout the course right at the end of or after the course.  If you are truly genuine and certain that certification with us is something that you want, you will ensure you are on the path right from the beginning of the course and then throughout.

The Life Coach Certification Pathway to Become a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach

1. Successful completion of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course with a high level of participation throughout. This participation is noted via the asking of questions and contributing to learning on calls (not just attendance) and completion of all required work in the membership site.  This required work is the answering of every question asked of you inside the membership site.  This is so we can see how you are growing and learning throughout the course and how you are engaging with the material as you become a coach.  Non-completion of this required work means you are ineligible for certification.  (If there is any part of this core component of certification that you do not understand or need clarification on please contact us for assistance.  You can only complete these requirements while your course is taking place and we cannot support you right at the end of after your course is over.  It is your responsibility to do this work required if you are fully committed to the certification pathway, including ensuring that you are contributing to calls by the asking of questions, sharing of your learnings and supportive comments for fellow trainees undertaking live coaching on calls.)

2. (From October 2015 course onwards only) Submission of two, one hour recorded coaching sessions (audio only and in English) with a coaching client.  These sessions may be with a pro bono or paid client and they may be the same or a different client for each recording.


Coaching live with your allocated coaching buddy on a training call for a 20-25 minute period, instructions for which will be provided to you.

3. Documentation of 18 coaching hours pertaining to 3 life coaching series with 3 clients which may be paid or pro bono and one of which may be your coaching buddy if you have one.  You will be required to submit notes as a coach for your review for this purpose.  They are not to reveal confidential details, but rather show a documentation of your coach learning, progression and skill development throughout the coach and client relationship.  They are your notes as a coach – not notes you would share with a client or take during a session.  We want to know what challenges you had in working with these clients, what you learned, what powerful questions you asked, what was hard and what worked well – all so we can better understand your skill level as a coach and commitment to further growth.  Please also include the exact wording of each of the goals your clients were working on in a series, with notes best being written up very soon after every coaching session.  A sufficient level of notes required for every client series (ie. six sessions) is 1-2 typed pages which must be provided in English.  More is absolutely permitted if you would like to provide more detail.  Notes must be typed and not handwritten. 

4. Completion of a six session coaching series with a fully Certified Beautiful You Life Coach of your choice.  Please note that your series with this coach must begin only when they are certified and not prior to that time and that we expect you to fully engage in that process as an excellent client. Your coach has the right to contact us to advise us if you did not do this which will mean you are ineligible for certification.  Payment for this series is made to each coach directly. 

5. A live website where it is clearly noted that you are a coach and offering ongoing coaching services, including one on one.

6. Full payment made of all course fees with no significant payment issues or arrears throughout the course.

7. Willingness to act as an Ambassador of the Academy with a high degree of coaching ethics, knowledge and commitment to the profession.  If for any reason you do not believe you can speak positively of BYCA, our training, services, staff, or coaching approach in general terms then becoming part of the inner circle of our certified coaches is not an appropriate pathway for you.

8. A review interview with a Beautiful You Life Coaching Course trainer may be requested to test your life coaching skill and knowledge.  This will include a review of your coaching notes.  A request for this interview to take place is not a sign there is anything wrong with your application.  It is often just a need we have to get to know you better or speak more deeply about your work as a coach. 

After completion of steps 1 – 8 please contact us with your notes, name of your certified coach and start and end date of your series with them.  We do not accept applications in parts.  All information must be submitted together.  A review interview appointment (if required) will then be arranged for you with a trainer after which you will be notified (within 72 hours) of successful certification or otherwise.  If you believe you are in question to meet any of these criteria please contact us prior to undertaking certification work to ascertain your eligibility.  We are here to support you with any questions or needs you may have and highly encourage you to do this rather than make assumptions or inaccurate interpretations of the certification pathway.  

There is no timeframe in which certification can be applied for.  As long as you have completed course requirements during your study period, you are then welcome to submit a certification application at any time in the coming months or years post your graduation. 

All Certified Beautiful You Life Coaches receive:

Beautiful You Coaching Academy Life Coach Certification

1. Certified Beautiful You Life Coaching Coach Seal for your website and marketing material

2. A professional profile on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy website

3. Life time access to the Certified Beautiful You Life Coaching Alumni Online Group

4. Ongoing support calls and access to experts to support in your business growth

5. Priority access to Inspiration Days and speaking opportunities where places permit

6. Priority access to opportunities within the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and wider coaching community which we only share with our certified coaches.

Important Information About Certification:

1. You can undertake your coaching series with a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach at any time, including before, during or after your life coaching course.  Please contact the coach of your choice directly from their profile.  Payment for your coaching series is made to them directly.  Please note that if you choose to do your coaching during the time that you are training with us this must not impact your level of commitment to your studies or your coaching partner if you have one.  If you believe this may occur we highly recommend that you do not undertake your coaching until after your training has finished.

2. Your coaching series with a Beautiful You Life Coach is not tested or reviewed in any way and can be about anything you like.  It’s your personal growth time and is confidential with your coach and you may choose to work with them on something related to your life personal, your health, finances or relating to the growth of your new life coaching business or the one to come.  Please note however that we do expect you to be an excellent client and turn up for your sessions with your coach fully.  Part of being a great coach is knowing how to be a great client and if you are not fully engaged in your coaching series for certification purposes your coach will advise us of this.

3. Once you have completed your training and coaching series and have your documentation ready to submit, please contact us.  There is no charge for this service.

4. Once you have been granted certification and upon submission of your high resolution professionally taken photograph and biographical details, your profile will be created, allowing you to receive direct coaching client referrals from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy website.  Please note that your Certification Profile will not be uploaded to the website until your own website is readily available to be linked to and take one on one coaching referrals.

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