We See You

You are constantly being thanked by
people for helping them

You love to support people to create change, feel amazing and shine

You’ve not so secretly been following amazing life coaches
and wishing
you could do the same

You want to expand your service based business
to create more
income, make money out of your beautiful blog,
or change career direction all together

You long to create a business where you get to set your
own hours and do what you’re most  passionate about

You are searching for an incredible community of inspirational
people to form
amazing connections with

You have been thinking about becoming a
life coach but haven’t found the

heart-centered course that is right for you

Welcome Beautiful – You’re In The Right Place

The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is for people just like you – people who want to make a difference, see others grow and shine, work with people they love and feel connected to – and yes – create their own business and a life they love.

Being a life coach is about supporting people to make meaningful change in their lives. Change that inspires people to follow their dream career path, improve their health and wellbeing, release their fears and embrace their creativity, spirituality and highest self, improve their self-confidence and self-love, and become the person they most want to be. It is privileged, beautiful and life affirming work. And we are here to help you create that work firstly for yourself, and then for your clients.

Life coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world. As a life coach your capacity to guide people to their best life is limitless and with the right training, support and tapping into your own unique and special gifts, you can build a thriving and successful business as a life coach working one on one with clients from all over the world, running workshops, delivering e-courses and speaking to audiences about things you are most passionate about.


Then The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is what you’ve been searching for.


Watch our video and be inspired!




I have never felt so much support and encouragement in an online course before. I felt like my trainers were cheering me on every step of the way and that my contributions to the course really mattered.

I most enjoyed the transformation that I underwent. As a result of the support that I received I have not only discovered my passion, but have the practical tools and know-how to turn it into a thriving business.


Angela Ashley-Chiew

We had so much support and even though it was an online course it didn’t feel that way. It is a movement and a vibrant supportive community.

The course completely sets you up to not only coach within a clear framework, but contains all the business learning you need as well. It’s so incredibly thorough. I can honestly say, other than having my children, it’s the thing I am most proud of!.



I took this course to challenge myself and be confident in the direction of my dreams and I got that and so much more! I’m actually coaching clients! I have 3 clients right now that are loving their experience. That is the best feeling I’ve ever had!

If your purpose is to serve others this is the best course you could take. You learn to serve while growing as a person and business owner. I’ve ended the course feeling strong, confident and ready.



I would absolutely recommend this course.

It is so full of heart and love and really allows
you to not only have the confidence to go out and be a
life coach, but it gives you the tools to set up your
own life coaching business too.



I most hoped to take away from the Beautiful You Life Coaching course a framework that I could lean on to feel comfortable in my coaching and how to take clients through a great experience. I have now started coaching my ideal clients and have amazing testimonials coming in. I never would have thought I could get to this level of skill as a life coach so quickly.

The entire experience was transformational and so full of love and understanding. It is the best investment I have ever made.





Heart centered, love filled, and for people who want to see their clients shine with self-love, self-confidence and crystal clear clarity.

Deeply personal, giving you an opportunity to grow and develop as your own person and as an incredible life coach.

Focused on not just helping you become an amazing life coach, but helping you build an amazing life coaching business and have an amazing life to go with it.

Featuring incredibly successful life and business coaches who work and play full time in their businesses with plentiful clients, national speaking engagements, and best selling books.

Incredible value for money and rich with in-depth materials, client worksheets, group training and coaching and in person inspiration days.

Internationally certified by the ICF and provides you with a certification pathway to have your own profile here on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy website so you can receive direct client referrals!

When you study with us to become a life coach you will learn that we are passionate and proud about life coaching and the life coaching industry. And that’s why we have undertaken the rigorous pathway of applying for certification of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course through the world’s peak coaching body – the International Coaching Federation.

The ICF are the global leaders of coach education and they do not certify just any course. It must meet high level standards relating to content, ethics, materials and qualifications of trainers and support staff. And so we are proud – very proud – to have received certification through them to become an ICF Approved Education Provider.




The community and support was just beautiful. It’s so great to talk with other coaches at different stages of their journey, and I loved being able to get so much feedback from the membership site and Facebook group.

It is a truly amazing course with so much content and connection, despite the fact it is done online. It has been a fantastic investment and I have pushed through a lot of fear and feel like I am well on the way to having the career of my dreams.


Nazlinah Shah Myers

I loved the real life coaching which was invaluable, the live calls, my coaching buddy, the practical theories of coaching, the manual, workbook and worksheets too.

However if I had to choose one thing which was the best part of the course it was the unbelievable support provided. This is more than a course. It has given me the strength to practice personal growth and in return the belief that I can have my own life coaching business.



When I began the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course I not only wanted to learn about the skill of life coaching but also make heartfelt connections with inspiring and soulful people.

I achieved both and felt incredibly supported and heard throughout the entire experience. I signed my first paid client two days before we finished! And I finished the course knowing and feeling that I was beautifully prepared to serve them and all my future clients. The course is professional, cutting edge and relevant.


Libby Thompson

As an experienced psychologist, i had already done some coaching training before I enrolled in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course, but it well and truly exceeded my expectations. Not only did I love every singly minute of the training, i learned so much more than i thought i would, and met some amazing women who i continue to be in touch with.

I gained a lot of confidence in my coaching skills and as a direct result of the course. I have begun building my coaching practice. I really wasn’t expecting to be working with paying client before I finished the course but I am!


Cora Geroux

I feel totally ready to coach people and I already have my first paying client. I have a much clearer view of who I am here to serve, which has made blogging and social media easier and more enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course for many reasons. You will learn and practice a rock solid coaching model that you can adapt to your own unique personality and approach. It is the most supportive, warm and welcoming environment in which to learn. It was so much fun and Julie and her team go above and beyond, and you know that you are getting their absolute best in every moment. I loved every second of the training and was sad when it was over – something I have never felt about a course before. The entire experience was amazing and life changing.


Natsai Mutema

i would 100% recommend the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course to anyone who wants to build a sustainable and heart-centered coaching business. I looked at dozens of coaching courses before i signed up, and it stood out a mile away. There’s nothing like it. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like skimming over the surface, and is willing to have deep and meaningful discussions with your clients, (and yourself), this is the course for you. It packs in a lot of technical business knowledge, but with lot of soul.


Are we the right life coaching course for you?

Have you been thinking about the type of LIFE COACH you want to be and how you know in  your heart you will best work?

Using all your current skills, gifts, talents and life experiences in a way that feels inspiring and meaningful for you?

What amazing questions future coach! Let’s get straight to it.


Work with your clients at a deeper and more meaningful level.

Inspire your clients to live their very best life and learn to love themselves while doing so.

Go beyond just simple goal setting to a place that is about inspiring your clients to focus on how they want to truly feel every day.

Learn how to ask truly life changing questions.

Be supported to find ‘your’ very special and unique way of coaching.

Receive incredible attention, inspiration and guidance as you finally step into a career and business that you have always longed for.

Learn from the very best in the coaching business.

Hi Beautiful You.

My name is Julie Parker and I’m the Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy. And there’s no place I would rather be. Or work I would rather do. You might be asking yourself why would you want to learn to become a life coach with me – and our incredible trainers. Here are some things I’m so proud to share with you.

I’ve been a life coach and business coach for sixteen years and have built a multiple six-figure business doing work with that I passionately love.

In my final year of one on one coaching clients from all over the world, before devoting my business to training new life coaches, I had a wait list 8 months long.

I have qualifications in social work, counselling, communications, and adult education and training, and I’m a proud ICF certified coach.

I’m a passionate Tedx speaker and love speaking to audiences of inspired people all over the globe.

I’m thrilled to have appeared in television, radio, print and online media including Sunrise, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, CLEO and Wellbeing Magazine and national newspapers.

And probably most important of all I’ve coached hundreds of clients-CEO’s. Mums, bloggers, models, yoga teachers, coaches, actors and so many more incredible people. All have left a small footprint on my heart that has led me here today.

I’ve taken my passion, commitment, learning and love to build the Beautiful You Coaching Course for you. And if you are someone like me who wants to work with people in a way that has heart, meaning, connection and inspiration at its heart…welcome.

I’m so honoured you’re here.




None of the other life coaching courses I looked at were as beautiful, thoughtfully crafted, and honest about the cost, process, and circumstances under which I should choose them than this one.

This is the kind of course that everyone who wants to be a life coach needs. I felt guided, held accountable and given attainable goals. The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is a fantastic, heart-centered, supportive and realistic journey to becoming a life coach.



This experience was life-changing. This course was the most inspiring, in-depth, heartfelt, enjoyable and meaningful experience for me

We were given quality learning materials, excellent support and a wonderful community filled with talent, inspiration and life time connections. The Beautiful You Coaching Academy went above and beyond my expectations and gave me the confidence to live my dream and start my business. As a direct result of this course I am doing and achieving things that I never thought possible.



Beautiful You has given me everything I needed to have a very successful coaching business. I feel extremely confident and well prepared to start seeing clients and charging my worth as a coach. The experience from start to finish was truly life changing.

Doing this course was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and was MORE than worth the investment. I would recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a coach and I am already coaching seven clients who are seeing incredible results!


In every Beautiful You Life Coaching Course you have the support of a number of trainers who are Certified Beautiful You Life Coaches and come to you with a wealth of coaching, counseling, career, event, and business skills and experience that YOU get to access every step of the way. They are also a ton of fun, inspiration and guidance and continually go above and beyond to ensure you have an amazing experience.

Let’s meet them!


It’s such an honour and privilege to be a Trainer at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy supporting incredible people like you to become phenomenal life coaches and heart-centered business owners. This is your time and we’ve absolutely got your back. I can’t wait to meet you!


I absolutely love being a Beautiful You Life Coaching Course trainer and helping incredible coaches turn their unique gifts into thriving businesses full of heart and passion. If you are ready to shine, I encourage you to be part of this wonderfully inspiring and life changing course.


Words can’t describe how rewarding it is to be a coach and be a part of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy community. Now I get to support aspiring coaches like you throughout this incredible course to bring your coaching dreams to life. You’re in for an unforgettable learning experience and we’ll be here every step of the way.


Becoming a life coach through Beautiful You was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done, and it’s an incredible honour to now be guiding coaches through this course. I love supporting you to step fully into your purpose and create wildly amazing lives and businesses. I can’t wait to have you join us!


This is truly a dream come true, being a part of team beautiful and having the honour of supporting heart centred coaches as they make their mark in the world. I cannot wait to cheer you on, as you learn and grow and build your dream business.

In need of more detail? Of course beautiful-we’re totally up for sharing more!

This is what you will receive when you choose to train with us to become a Beautiful You Life Coach.

The Beautiful You Life Course is fully online. You can complete our course from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home.

You will have dedicated access to a membership site with a special place for you to share your answers and learning’s for every module. And yes – you will absolutely receive feedback on your answers to support you to go deeper and fly higher.

You will have a dedicated private Facebook group for the duration of your course. This will be a place to make new friends and connections, cheer each other on, deepen your learning and receive an even higher level of support.

Each one of the fourteen modules of the course is accompanied by an in-depth audio lecture and a live question and answer call. Each of these calls will go on until your very last question is answered and prepare yourself for some LIVE coaching on our calls too!

You will receive an extraordinarily comprehensive printed manual and workbook posted to you a few weeks before your class begins.

An opportunity to undertake our certification process to receive your very own coach profile on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy website.

If you would like we will assist to match you with a fellow coaching trainee as your ‘buddy’ for the course, someone that you will coach and be coached by. It’s a great way for you to improve your coaching skills while you are learning!

Every course will include TWO inspirational meet-ups! This is your chance to meet some of your trainers in person as well as your fellow life coaches to be. Be prepared to have an amazing time!


A six month in-depth course designed to train you to become an incredible life coach and build an incredible life coaching business. Many courses will teach you the first but not the second. With us you get both. We want to see you shine on and on.


Fourteen in-depth audio lectures as well as fourteen training and question calls ( yes there will be live coaching!) which you can dial into for the cost of a local call or via web call for free. These calls will be deep, meaningful and designed to give you high-level tuition in the exact steps it takes to become an amazing life coach and create a business that you truly love. Will you get a chance to ask questions that are related to you, your life, your wants, your needs and you’re learning? You better believe it.


Come together for inspirational in person meet-ups where you get a chance to hug, connect and say hello to your fellow trainees and meet your trainers. Expect something beautiful and uplifting. These are not compulsory to attend or graduate from the course but we hope we can see you there!


A beautiful online membership site where you can share your learning’s, post your completed work, ask questions, and receive regular and ongoing feedback about your learning. Yes! We will have a Facebook group too!


More than 50 reusable worksheets to enhance your life coaching work with your clients and support them by the way of activites, reflections and learning’s in areas such as health, self-confidence, goal setting, managing finances, creativity and wellbeing as well as a 400+ page hard copy manual and 200+page hard copy workbook.


The option to be provided assistance in matching you with a fellow life coaching trainee to coach them throughout the course and have them coach you! Learn from each other as you hone your life coaching skills.

Are you the sort of person that likes to have even more detail about what you are going to be doing throughout the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course? Ok then! This is for you.

The following are the fourteen core modules of your Beautiful You Life Coaching Course training all of which include dedicated modules in your printed materials, an audio lecture, an in-depth question and answer call and incredible online support.

We’re with you the whole way.

Module 1


Let’s start at the very beginning…the place where you will learn exactly what great life coaching is, including coachability, understanding human potential, and life coaching ethics. You will also dive in to the Principals of Beautiful You Life Coaching and start to develop your passion for the importance of ‘self’.

Module 2


Great, reflective and powerful communication is the most significant skill a life coach can possess. Beautiful you Coaching Communication has core principals of enthusiasm, authenticity, focus and awareness. You will learn about active and curious listening, speaking with encouragement, and learning how to ask powerful questions that inspire your clients to make positive change.

Module 3


While it might seem simple, how you handle initial inquiries for your coaching services is deeply important. We will teach you how to appropriately screen clients, the vital importance of the pre-coaching questionnaire and how to conduct complimentary consults that convert into clients. Need a script to help you? You got it.

Module 4


Let’s get you supporting your clients to set goals that are inspirational, positive, emotive, challenging and above all, no matter whether they want to find a new career, improve their health, or tap into their true passion, help them to be the person they most dream of being. And let’s get you learning the systematic and strategic steps that make goal achievement a given for every client you work with.

Module 5


Learn the most powerful model and way of working with clients that sees them journey not only from where they are to where they want to be, but become the person they most want along the way. We’ll also teach you the Beautiful You Coaching Pillars that help your clients achieve outstanding and life changing results from their coaching experience with you.

Module 6


Just like you, your clients are multi-faceted, multi- talented and even multi-passionate. They also have multiple life needs which means you need to learn the best ways to help them with their career, health, wellness and fitness, community desires, relationships, creativity, finanaces,business dreams and of course their own personal and self- development. Here’s where you learn how to support your clients with all of these things and much more.

Module 7


Mindset can play a significant role in how a client journeys through a coaching series – just as it can play a significant role in your journey to becoming a coach. We will dive deeply into all things fear, perfectionism, thoughts and more in this module, including the important topic of internalised oppression and the role that can play in how some of our clients experience day to day life.

Module 8


Love working 1:1 but also keen to work with groups, run workshops, ecourses, and even a retreat? You can totally do it all by learning the unique cycle of group dynamics, how to help groups thrive, and the best practices you need to put in place to expand the reach of your work. There will be no stopping you.

Module 9


You are not like every other life coach. You’re you. We want to teach you how to embrace your uniqueness as a coach and lead you into deep level exercises to help you find out exactly who you are best to work with as your ideal clients. Let’s uncover the magic intersection of your experiences, qualifications, knowledge, skills, talents, things you love to do, and what your ideal clients most want.

Module 10


By now you’re well on your way to honing your new life coaching skills and using them in real life. But how do you attract clients? This is where you’ll learn exactly that, as well as the power to your business of social proof and blogging for client attraction-all via loving and authentic self promotion.

Module 11


Your website and online presence is one of the most powerful things you will own and manage as a life coach. It is a reflection of your values, expertise, offerings and style. It’s a reflection of you. Let’s make it a great one.

Module 12


Besides your emerging coaching skills, your email list is one of the most powerful things you will own in your coaching business. We’re going to teach you how to build it, and the importance of the power of launching and why it’s so key to getting people to sign up to your coaching programs, ebooks and products.

Module 13


As a life coach you have incredible earning potential as a speaker and we want you to be a great speaker-not just a good one. Get ready to step into your authentic power and presence and claim that stage like a star!

Module 14


Throughout the course you have been engaged in an intense learning curve. You have been listening, writing, testing yourself and from Module three-coaching. Yes you-you’re now a life coach! It’s time to celebrate you and your fellow trainees and learn about the mindset and self-belief values you need to sustain your coach learning…. forever.

And as well as Julie as your lead trainer, take a look at who makes up the Beautiful You Coaching Academy faculty!

You will be learning from the following incredible coaches and entrepreneurs.























I chose the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course because I wanted to dive deeper and learn coaching skills steeped in love and support.
The sisterhood and connection with fellow students was awesome and I loved being part of the whole energy. The entire experience of doing this course has changed my business and life.


I had walked away from another coaching course that didn’t do anything it advertised and I was feeling very jaded about coaching certification programs.
I was debating if I should continue trying to build my business without a certification, when I received the email promoting the Beautiful You Life Coaching program. I wasn’t planning to sign up, but I loved how everything was laid out – each module was clearly stated and any possible question I had was answered on their FAQ page. Everything I was hoping to learn to become a coach – I did. It was truly a wonderful experience


The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course has been a life changing experience for me. I wanted to gain a greater confidence as a coach and a more comprehensive understanding of how best to work with women at a deeper level – and I absolutely achieved both.
This is much more than a coaching course and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. I now completely own what I do and have stepped into my personal power. The entire experience was amazing, beautiful and life – changing.

Here’s 10 solid gold reasons to choose us as THE Life Coach Training Academy to get you the life coaching skills, business acumen and mindset you need to becoming an amazing life coach.


Our first Beautiful You Life Coaching Course sold out in a week with an extensive waiting list-without being advertised. It attracted already successful coaches, psychologists, MBA graduates, personal trainers, stylists, counsellors and more. Every one of our courses since has sold out months in advance of their start!



Our training is fresh, innovative and focused on ensuring you feel fully ready to begin life coaching with confidence, clarity and conviction. We want you to feel ready to shine with clients. We provide you with scripts, tools, live coaching, peer support and worksheets to help you and your clients shine in all areas of their life.



The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course has an emphasis on helping people to truly own how they most want to feel in their life and how to become the person they most want to be. It’s about more than just getting from a to b. And we believe for that reason Beautiful You Life Coaches and their clients will build relationships and lives that are incredibly richer and more fulfilling than in training courses elsewhere.



When you do the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course, you become part of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy family. You are not a number to us. We see you and want to give you our very best attention.



You can study to become a Beautiful You Life Coach from ANY where in the world. We are fully online! However we love to meet you and that’s why we put on inspirational ‘meet-ups’ for every course where you get a chance to meet in person.



Our life coaching course has a detailed emphasis on not just training you to become an amazing life coach-we want you to have an amazing life coach business too. You will not be left with a new qualification and skills and then not have any idea on how to attract clients to put them to great use. We know that one of the major reasons you’re thinking of doing this course is not just to become a great life coach, but because you want a great business and life too.



Our course has been certified by the peak coaching body in the world the International Coaching Federation in their CCE category. You’re in safe, supported and accredited hands with us-something we worked VERY hard to achieve.



Our membership site and Facebook group are incredibly active, generous, supportive and responsive. If you need help, a boost, extra support or simply to shout out ‘I got my first client!’ we will be right there with you cheering you the whole way.



We want you to bring your life coach learning fully to life. We encourage you to start working with clients from Module Five onwards with our full guidance. We will hold your hand or let you fully fly as much as you want and need.



We want to refer clients to you! Our internal certification process opens up the pathway for you to have a full profile here on the Academy website to attract new clients. We do NOT charge referral fees for this. It’s our gift to those who are truly serious about life coaching as a career and want to be fully certified as a Beautiful You Life Coach.


The beautiful you
life coaching course

is right for you if…

  • You are genuine about becoming an incredible life coach and building a life coaching business
  • You know that your journey to becoming a life coach is going to be one that takes time, commitment and concerted effort
  • You ONLY want to work with people in a way that allows them to reach deeper levels of self-awareness and consciousness that stays with them long after your coaching series ends
  • You have an open mind and willing heart to learn new things, regardless of any other degrees and qualifications you may have
  • You are already a heart centred person who is not afraid to talk about emotions, fears, vulnerability and self care
  • You are willing, ready and able to dedicate yourself to the study required to become a great life coach.
  • You are not here for an easy ride. You are here to be the best coach you can be.

The beautiful you
life coaching course

is not right for you if…

  • You are not prepared to go on your own journey of personal development in becoming a life coach.
  • You already feel you have a high level business acumen and know how to successfully build a brand and attract clients
  • You are not prepared to be stretched, challenged and purposely placed out of your comfort zone in becoming the best coach you can be
  • You do not have at least 4-6 hours per week for the duration of your training to commit to your studies outside of group calls
  • You are not prepared to be on live group coaching calls and attending in person meet ups where possible
  • You are in financial distress and will struggle to meet the payment plan or are expecting to earn a quick buck

The beautiful you
life coaching course

is right for you if…

  • You are genuine about becoming an incredible life coach and building a life coaching business
  • You know that your journey to becoming a life coach is going to be one that takes time, commitment and concerted effort
  • You ONLY want to work with people in a way that allows them to reach deeper levels of self-awareness and consciousness that stays with them long after your coaching series ends
  • You have an open mind and willing heart to learn new things, regardless of any other degrees and qualifications you may have
  • You are already a heart centred person who is not afraid to talk about emotions, fears, vulnerability and self care
  • You are willing, ready and able to dedicate yourself to the study required to become a great life coach. You are not here for an easy ride. You are here to be the best coach you can be.

The beautiful you
life coaching course

is not right for you if…

  • You are not prepared to go on your own journey of personal development in becoming a life coach.
  • You already feel you have a high level business acumen and know how to successfully build a brand and attract clients
  • You are not prepared to be stretched, challenged and purposely placed out of your comfort zone in becoming the best coach you can be
  • You do not have at least 4-6 hours per week for the duration of your training to commit to your studies outside of group calls
  • You are not prepared to be on live group coaching calls and attending in person meet ups where possible
  • You are in financial distress and will struggle to meet the payment plan or are expecting to earn a quick buck

One of the great things that coaches must learn how to do is ask their clients amazing, soul seeking questions. And so if you have some of those about the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course – we love you already! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you dive in further.

Every course we have ever run has SOLD OUT months in advance of their start dates. Months! And this will undoubtedly happen again in 2019 too.

In 2019 we will only be offering three Beautiful You Life Coaching Courses – February, May and October. Each course will have a day and evening option for calls with times suitable for everyone from Melbourne to Manila, New York to Newcastle, Los Angeles to London!

We have already trained coaches from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Kenya, France, Spain, Belgium, USA, the United Kingdom and a lot of other countries too!

And we can’t wait to learn where YOU are from!

We only take limited numbers of new trainees into each of our courses. We want to give you our fullest attention and service possible and we don’t believe that’s possible in a class of hundreds.

So if you’ve been thinking about, dreaming about, or even longing to become a life coach now is your time beautiful. Right now.

Please note that all coaching calls take place at not one, but TWO times during the dates noted. We offer you the option of a morning call at 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time or 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time for every course. So if you can only make your calls during the day or night – we have you beautifully covered.

And in even better news these times work super well across many timezones giving day and evening connection options for those of you in timezones that cross New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong and throughout Europe – in fact the world! Please use this simple time zone converter to see how 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time and 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time works for you.

And these are the beautiful cities that we will be setting up gorgeous opportunities to meet you in person. We offer not one but TWO options for you to attend an inspirational gathering with Julie and senior Beautiful You Certified Life Coaches for every course we run. And (shhhhh!) there just might be a very special guest speaker or two there as well! Can you come to both if you would like for your course? That would be a big yes!

We are so passionate about helping you become a life coach that we offer an incredible 12 month payment plan and we encourage you to enrol asap so you do not miss your place.

Please do not leave your enrolment until later to the time of your course starting or like so many others, you run the risk of missing a place. We turn away so many people in all our courses and we don’t want that to happen to you!


Thalia Kleckin

If you are looking for a course that is well-structured, filled with practical modules, worksheets, advice, and loving, feminine, heartfelt, soulful support THIS is the course to take! It is the best return on investment for anyone considering becoming a life coach. This has been the best course and investment in myself I’ve ever made and one that I will always look back on with love, joy and beautiful memories.


Melissa Jeffcott

The heart-centered approach to life coaching in Beautiful You Life Coaching Course immediately resonated with me. I was hoping to develop and hone my skills to become a successful life coach and I certainly achieved that.

The incredibly supportive group of women and the personal development were so enjoyable and I am proud of the fact that I strongly identified my ideal client and had my first paying client before the course finished. I now truly believe I have great potential to become a very successful life coach. It has been an amazing, life changing experience that I would have no hesitation in recommending.


Rachel MacDonald

When it comes to life coaching course, there’s simply nothing else in existence that comes close to what the Beautiful You Coaching Academy offers.

This comprehensive program that leave no stone unturned has the perfect combination of ‘heart and smarts’ – practical and soulful strategies that will help you build a thriving business and become the best coach you can be.

We cannot wait to welcome you as a Beautiful You Life Coach. An amazing journey of self-discovery awaits along with the beginnings of your own amazing business inspiring and helping others to live their best life.

It’s your time beautiful you. And we cannot wait to see you shine.

GST will be added for Australian Residents.

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