Coaching Buddy Guidelines

Beautiful You Life Coaching Course

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Throughout the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course (BYLCC) you have the option to be partnered with a fellow trainee to be able to practice your coaching skills with.  This will include you agreeing to coach them for six coaching sessions of up to one hour each, and also being a client for up to six one hour sessions as well.  The following guidelines are important for you to read, understand and agree to before putting yourself forward to be partnered with someone.  

1. I know that to be a part of a coaching partnership I must have a full commitment to the BYLCC and my studies. I am not the sort of trainee who is  going to ‘cruise’ through this course. I am fully and all in.

2. I have a decent level of availability to be able to connect with my coaching buddy via Skype during either day/evening, day/weekend or evening/weekend times throughout the entire length of the course.  I am aware that if I am an extremely busy person and struggle to find time for myself, my friends and family in general, or are going to be doing an extensive amount of travel throughout my course study, that being part of a coaching partnership is not for me.

3. I am of sound mental health and will not under any circumstances expect by coaching buddy to support me with issues relating to deep seated personal concerns or mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety.  

4. In putting myself forward to be part of a coaching partnership I honour that I am not in this for the coaching or what I may ‘get.’  I am in this for what I can give, and the practice it is going to give me as an emerging coach.  This means that if for any reason I feel I do not ‘get’ a great deal out of my coaching partnership it does not matter to me.   I know my partner is not there to help me with my study or provide me with high end coaching.  I will not place expectations on them or our partnership that I am going to ‘get’ something amazing from the experience.  I may do – but I do not go into the partnership with expectations that this will occur.

5. I am prepared to be an honest, genuine and real client to my coaching buddy and give them a real experience of what it is like to have an actual client.  

6. I will take full responsibility for my coaching buddy relationship and if it does not continue or work out for any reason, I will not contact BYCA and request another partner or complain about them.  I will simply turn to family, friends and other connections to continue with my coaching practice and learning.

7. I am aware that in a small-medium sized course group that there are people of varying levels of experience when it comes to coaching or working with people one on one.  I know that every care will be taken to match me with a coaching buddy according to our age, expertise and interests, as shared in our applications, but I know this does not mean I will be exactly partnered with someone who is at the same stage as me.  

8. I know that no matter what stage of life or coaching my coaching buddy and I are at – we both have something of great value to offer each other.   I will ‘own’ my unique skills and life talents whether they be in the areas of health and fitness, business, parenting, confidence and self-love, or simply living my best life – and ensure that in the ‘getting to know you’ phase that my coaching buddy knows my strengths.  

9. If I am an already experienced coach I will not absolve myself of turning up for my coaching buddy either as a coach because I don’t think I need the practice, or as a client because my buddy may be less experienced than me.  My buddy has a right to learn from me when I am the coach, but also be given an opportunity to shine in a way where I can help them practice their coaching skills as well.

10. I am aware the coaching work I do with my buddy is not tested.  It is my private personal development time and I may choose to set a goal/goals with my buddy on absolutely anything I like that will give me a chance to grow and work on myself, and give my coaching buddy a chance to really support me and grow in their coaching skills.

11. While it is usual in a BYLC series for a client to set 3 goals with their coach, due to my study load I will only set 1-2 goals with my coaching buddy and concentrate on doing those well, rather than stretch myself to thin.  This may mean that our sessions together might not go for a full hour which is entirely ok.

12. I will arrange with my coaching buddy the setting of six one hour sessions in our diaries for the coming weeks and months as the course unfolds and I am instructed to do by our trainers.  I know it will work best if we find a day and time that is the same every week where one person plays the role of coach and the other client, and then in the alternate week we swap.  If we do not diarise our sessions in advance I am aware it is highly likely they will not happen, which means I am missing out on exceptional learning experiences and likely letting my coaching buddy down.

13. I will be generous with my coaching buddy and give them praise, support and feedback that will be helpful and useful to them both privately and even publicly too.  One of the greatest boosts to every persons learning is encouragement – and it’s also the greatest role of a coach as well.

14. At the end of our coaching series I will provide my coaching buddy a well written and positive testimonial about their coaching with me.

15. I will not leave my coaching partner hanging, make them chase me, be non-responsive to emails or messages, or generally give the impression that I don’t care about our time together.  I will treat our partnership as seriously as I would that of a client I am coaching, or a coach I have invested in.

16. I am aware that my coaching partnership will most likely stretch and challenge me – just as every client in the future will experience with me too.  If there are times when I am uncomfortable, I know this is normal and a sign of growth.  My manual, workbook and online support places are all there for me to gain further information and support.

17. If for any reason I am ‘dissatisfied’ with my coaching buddy in their coaching role, this is not something for me to concern myself with or take further.  I know that is their learning and growth.  I will be gentle and supportive and know that with my kind presence as a client, they are practicing on me, and striving to get better.  It is not my role to judge them or expect them to be a brilliant coach at this stage of learning.  I know that we must all begin somewhere and must make mistakes, miss-steps and even large errors before we can truly find our own coaching muscle.  I will be more concerned that I am turning up for my coaching buddy as a client – giving them a beautiful opportunity to practice – and that I am concentrating on being the best coach I can be, which in turn will inspire them and others around me.

I have read and agree to the above terms in putting myself forward as a coaching buddy in the BYLCC.

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