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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the theoretical basis of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course?

The Beautiful You Life Coaching course draws upon the principles of a variety of different theoretical models including Empowerment Theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Systems Theory, The Change Model, Positive Psychology and The Life Cycle of Groups. We are also influenced by the work of Brene Brown, Kristen Neff and Martha Beck. All of our training is underpinned with CEO & Founder Julie Parkers extensive study and achievement in the fields of social work, psychology, life coaching, business coaching and adult learning, and her former work as a life coach trainer, as well as our other trainers who have qualifications in mental health, counselling, business, event management, communications and of course – coaching.

Can I study the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course fully online?
Yes! You can study to become a Beautiful You Life Coach from anywhere in the world. We have already trained coaches from Australia, Canada, USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and the UK. Every course also gives you the opportunity to participate in not one but TWO inspirational meet up days!
Will I learn how to be a parenting coach/health coach/spirituality coach in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course?

Our training course will fully equip you to be a life coach and work with clients in all areas of their life including their health, wellbeing, relationships, career, self, spirit and more. It will give you a great foundational and broad knowledge on how to be a life coach and support your clients to achieve incredible outcomes. While it will not provide you with any of these or other specialisations, many of our coaches do their own further work or already come to us with extensive knowledge in particular areas that mean they are comfortable in stating they are both a life and parenting, or life and health, or life and career coach.

Are group calls in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course recorded?
They certainly are. If you cannot attend a call you will be able to catch up on the recording which will be available inside the membership site within 48 hours of them taking place. We do encourage you to be live on calls however as much as you can so you can participate and have the opportunity to ask personal questions that are relevant to your own learning.
Is the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course certified by the ICF?

Yes! We are proud to be an Approved Coach Education Provider by the International Coach Federation. This means the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course has undergone a rigorous review and has met the criteria for Continuing Coach Education in both core coaching competencies and coaching resource development. It means you are undertaking a certified life coaching course. If you wish to pursue individual certification with the ICF and call yourself an ICF Certified Coach you can pursue that with them via the PCC or Portfolio Path. Some coach trainees choose to undertake that extensive path, however most who wish to work as a life coach do not, as it is not compulsory for a thriving and successful coaching business. We do however have a further internal certification process which you can read more about in the next question…

How do I become a certified Beautiful You Life Coach?

Upon completion of our course you may proudly call yourself a Beautiful You Life Coach. If you wish to be a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach and receive a client attracting profile on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy website as seen here, as well as an extensive list of ongoing opportunities, you need to fulfill the requirements noted here. We encourage you to read and bookmark this page very carefully to ensure you are fully aware of everything you need to do to become certified, especially work required ongoing throughout your course.

How much does the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course cost and do you have payment plans?

The course costs $5990 AUD (plus GST for Australian residents) when paid in full. And we sure do have payment plans! We want to help you bring your dream to becoming a life coach to life as financially accessible as we can, and that’s why we offer you a 12 and 18 month payment plan. How many courses do you know that allow you to keep paying your course off long after you may have finished it? Not many we bet! But we do – because we love coaching and want to see as many people be able to afford the opportunity as they possibly can.

Do you offer scholarships?

We offer scholarships to people, (currently not enroled), who identify as Black, Blak, Brown, Indigenous or a Person of Colour. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship please click here

to place yourself on our interest list. We will email you when applications open which occurs at varying times throughout the year. We appreciate you not contacting us prior to receiving that email to ask when you may apply. We promise that you will be the first to know!

When will I be able to begin life coaching people?

If you choose to be paired with a coaching partner from your course you will begin practice coaching from Module Three of the course and if you choose to, with real life clients from Module Six.

Will you give me tips on how to get clients and grow my own life coaching business?
We certainly will. A portion of theBeautiful You Life Coaching Course is dedicated to helping you establish your life coaching business in a way that is designed to attract clients towards you and your wonderful work. So stand by for more than tips – you’ll get in-depth business strategy that WORKS. How do we know? We use it ourselves and will be gladly giving up all our secrets. Shhhhhhh……
Who will I be trained by?

Your training will be lead by the Founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Julie Parker. Joining her in every course will be Senior Trainer Johanna Parker, two assistant trainers and a special guest trainer for specific modules.

Do you record the Inspiration Days?

No. Our Inspiration Days are not recorded. While not compulsory to attend, to be a part of them will require your live attendance.

Can I attend another Inspiration Day if I cannot make one or both of my course ones?

No. If for any reason you are unable to attend one or both of the Inspiration Days that take place during your course you are not able to attend one at an earlier or later time. Those days are for people currently studying at that time just as yours are for you. The one exception to this is where we have places available to attend they are offered to our Certified Coaches first and therefore if you choose to become certified you may be able to attend extra days. Please note that this is a MAYBE ok! It is never guaranteed outside your own course that attendance at extra days is possible as our priority is always current trainees.

How much money can I earn as a life coach?

This depends on a number of things including other qualifications and experience you may have. In other words – it’s a toughie to answer. One thing we can tell you is that we encourage all Beautiful You Life Coaches to place a significant value on themselves, their life experience, their qualifications and the results they can help bring to their clients, and never undercut or undervalue themselves. If you’re still chomping at the bit for numbers – here we go. Many life coaches just starting out charge anywhere from $80-$120 per hour. For more experienced coaches $150 plus is standard. Is that more than your hourly rate right now? If you’re heart just skipped a beat we’re guessing so!

Do you have a refund/transfer policy?

Absolutely. This is available to view here and along with the other terms and conditions outlined must be agreed to upon enrolment.

How many hours a week do I need to devote to my study and how long do calls go for?
We estimate you need to allow approximately 8-10 hours per module to confidently learn all you need to in becoming a Beautiful You Life Coach. This means that if you are working or studying elsewhere, (or loving babies and children!), then you can study with us on top of those things, but at the same time, yes, it is intensive. The length of time you may need to devote to your studies will vary from person to person and even Module to Module.
If I choose the payment plan after I have paid the deposit when do my payments begin?
One month later – and then every month after then until your payment plan is complete.
I’m still not 100% certain this is the right life coaching course for me. Can I ask more questions?

We would love that! Just drop us an email here and we will respond to you asap. We welcome any and all questions. We know that choosing the right life coaching course is paramount to your success as a life coach and so anything we can do to support you with that decision – we’re here to help. Please note that it’s very helpful for both you and us if you read these FAQ’s thoroughly as well as all other pages on our website and in particular our information and enrolment page – The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course – before you contact us. We know that in many instances you will find the answer you are looking for here!

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