The Beautiful YouLife Coaching Course

Beautiful You Life Coaching Course Inspiration Days

For every Beautiful You Life Coaching Course we hold our trainees have the option to attend two live Inspiration Days in cities around the world. We have held these amazing days in New York City, Sydney, Bali and Melbourne with future days excitingly planned for San Francisco, Brisbane and Paris.

These days provide our trainees with access to world class speakers, course trainers and most importantly of all, a chance to connect with their coaching support network from all over the world.

They are beautiful days that are filled with love, connection and…inspiration and are fully included in the cost of every Beautiful You Life Coaching Course.

Melbourne 2024

Bali 2023

Hawaii 2022

Melbourne 2022

Hobart 2022

Brisbane 2021

Melbourne 2019

London 2019

Hobart 2019

Vancouver 2018

Melbourne 2018

Auckland 2018

Melbourne November 2017

Paris July 2017

Brisbane April 2017

San Francisco 2016

Melbourne July 2016

Bali April 2016

Melbourne November 2015

Sydney August 2015

New York June 2015

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