Pro Bono Online Test
Beautiful You Life Coaching Course
Please complete the following online test at ANY time of your choosing, (either during or post your course), to be considered eligible and ready by the Beautiful You Coaching Academy to undertake pro bono coaching, or if already an experienced coach, coaching in our methodology. The passing of this test is also a requirement to be certified with us and no assessment for certification will be accepted within less than four months of taking this test.

You may take as long as you wish to answer the questions and have your coaching materials with you to assist. The test cannot be submitted in parts and must be completed in one sitting. There is no word limit for each question. Simply answer in the way you feel best showcases your knowledge. If it works for you to copy the questions and complete them elsewhere and then copy and paste them here and then submit - please do so.

Assistance in how to answer these questions is not available from your trainers or academy staff and we request that you do not ask questions or make comments about the test in group areas such as our FB group or membership site. This is a private test to assess your individual skill level.

You will be informed of the outcome of your test via email within one week and given further instructions in relation to pro bono coaching from there.

Finally, please do not share this test link or questions with any other person, including any other BYCA trainee, coach or client. Any evidence found of a trainee or graduate doing so will result in immediate ineligibility for certification.

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